• Guido Savini : vocals, synth, samples
• Andrea Tirone : Guitar, 2nd drum
• Giancarlo Maresca : Bass, 2nd drum
• Andrea Prato : drum

From Turin, DID reveal that pop rock and electro is very much alive in Italy. Along with Saboteur Records, DID present their first full-length album Kumar Solarium, an effort that hints at the Arctic Monkeys’ piercing riffs balanced with a soft touch of LCD Soundsystem’s electro beats. Guido Savini, Andrea Prato, Giancarlo Maresca and Andrea Tirone take you somewhere where rock, funk, pop and electro get along very well; a random yet harmonious relationship. From the opening single off Kumar Solarium, Hello Hello seizes you with its furious and flowing arrangements. Ask U2 surely confirms the group’s musical signature with its pop-rock tone and tactful disco sound. In 2010, DID is ready to cross over the italian borders to break into North America. With the seduction of Europa already in effect, a kiss to the America’s has now been sent! Watch out for a remix by These New Puritans.