• Guido Savini : vocals, synth, samples
• Andrea Tirone : Guitar, 2nd drum
• Giancarlo Maresca : Bass, 2nd drum
• Andrea Prato : drum

The good word on the street about DID’s proto-disco-punk floor fillers quickly crossed the border of their native Italy, and translated via the net, into festival favourites and full blown continental touring dance machine.

Taking cues from no-wave, future-disco and tropical beats, DID’s highly infectious songs like Hello Hello and Time For Shopping quickly garnered kudos from tastemakers, landing them a remix gig for British darlings Hatcham Social, while fellow uk band These New Puritans, applied their magic touch to the song Another Pusher.

The word has now crossed over to North America, where DID’s first full length Kumar Solarium, is being released by the always alert Saboteur Records. Echoing the throbbing bass grooves of 80’s cult band Gang of Four, and the angular funk of The Rapture, DID are now set to be your party band of the second decade.