• Jesse Kivel : vocals, keyboards
• Zinzi Edmundson : vocals, keyboards

So what’s in a kiss? For Jesse Kivel (one half of the band along with keys and backing vocalist Zinzi Edmundson), it can mean everything, even if only for a second.

“I want to write songs that takes people out of their everyday lives” he says from Kisses LA HQ (let’s imagine he’s poolside, sipping a margarita). “Great pop music is about escape. Kisses is about entering into another world.”

Put Kisses debut album ‘Heart Of The Nightlife’ on the stereo and you’ll know what he means. Negotiate the doormen, check your coat in the cloakroom and find your way to the rooftop bar and you’ll be transported to a world of flashing dancefloors and shimmering glitter balls. Better still, every chorus has that MDMA tingle which tells you it’s your new favourite song.